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Locker Decorating Basics

Calling all 8th Grade Football and Volleyball Parents!  

At SSMS, we have a tradition to decorate lockers for 8th Grade football and volleyball players. It's a great way  to encourage them before their last game, let them know how proud we are of their hard work and celebrate their middle school athletics years coming to an end.  

Parents typically make a poster with pictures, candy, words of encouragement and a few decorations. Please bring your own supplies like tape, ribbons, scissors, etc. Note: It's hard for things to stick to lockers and we cannot open lockers. 


Decorating will be Sunday, October 22nd from 11:00am - 1:00pm. 


  • The lockers are 33 inches long and 14 inches wide. 

  • Attach the posters to the lockers by punching holes in the poster and using ribbon or pipe cleaners to put through the holes.

  • Check out this video of football posters from a previous season. 

  • For ideas, search “sport locker decorations ideas” on Pinterest. 

  • Reach out to other moms and share ribbons, stickers and other supplies

  • This can be very simple!

Can't Make it on Sunday?

If you cannot come up to decorate, please drop off decorations with your athlete's name on it to 130 Kinloch Court no later than Sunday at 10:00 am. Note that this is optional and if you cannot participate, the booster club will try to put something on your athlete's locker as we want all players to be included. 


Volleyball: Email Nickie Maurer, VP of Girls Sports at or text at 619-709-2028. 

Football: Email April Bolin, VP of Boys Sports at or text 512-415-2828.



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